• Since the stock market collapsed and the economy depressed, it's really hopeless to count on your 401K to live for rest of life. The household expense can't be cover by making $20/ hour from your husband. Is this really a good thing to continue like this!
  • I joined affiliate program from other sites, but....
  • It can't really make real money! Only few of people had successes on making money online! If we are not professional, we can't make money!

Here is the great news to you or to whoever had same idea above!!

WildJungle affiliate differentiation with others

WildJungle has great different with other affiliate sites
Players registered through the affiliate url link from your site program and become member, you start to earn the commission every month. The regular affiliate program can be redeemed the commission once of life time. Therefore, join WildJungle Online Casino Affiliate program not only can get commission every month, but also the money will increase semi-automatically as long as the player keep playing the real money game.

一般的なアフィリエイトプログラム ワイルドジャングルカジノ アフィリエイトプログラム

Only need is to post few introduction about WildJungle in your blog or website
Through the affiliate link or banner guide player to WildJungle Casino
As long as players keeps play in WildJungle, the commission will increase automatically
This is ever-last business for you and easy to maintain!

The reason to make you feel 100% safe

Compare with other thousand English online casino, the advantage of WildJungle Casino that you are introducing
It has stable system to make sure payment on time every month

The reason to make you feel safe!

  1. User friendly design to give full support to players
  2. We already sent out 20 million US dollars from 2007 to 2011
  3. 3. Localized online casino, English capable customer service
  4. Unique payment gateway, make each transaction smoothly every month
  5. Since 2007, already give out uncountable Jackpot prize to many lucky winner

Once registered and become affiliate, you can have following service

Online magazine of affiliate information
Distribute affiliate agent ranking news or blog or newsletter
When you need some help, there is designate customer service for you (mail)
One on one customer service, if you experience difficulty on reading the newsletter.

Process of registration

Only need 3 steps, then you can make money right away

Open a WildJungle Affiliate account

Click register button

Follow the instruction to input the requirement information

After finished the registration
you will receive a confirmation letter in your email

og in to Affiliate back-office and set your own unique url links in marketing tool section.
Choose the proper material for your advertisement and generate the unique url for promotion

Log in with user ID and passwords

Choose the banners
There are different size and designs of banners that you can pick. If you have any question,
feel free to consult with our online customer service.

Link to WildJungle Casino site

Embed the unique URL into your blog or site

Once you embed all the links from WildJungle affiliate marketing tool on your blog or website, you just wait and see the results come in automatically. Each player register through your link and start to play the real money games. The money will contribute automatically into your account every month.

Get the commission with no limit and earn forever!!!
The commission will keep rolling in when players play real money in WildJungle casino. More players equal to more money!

For example, each affiliate can earn about $150 form each player, if there were 10 people then the commission will be $1500. When 20 people joined, the money will be $3,000. We are talking about monthly not one-time. For online casino, it numbers is way higher than others.

There was a agent made10K in one month.
Unfortunately, we cannot show his personal data online. This agent has total 56 players under his account and average each player generated $160 each month.
No mentioned the rest of comission from other months. This agent madeover $120K for one year!! How good is that!

$120K annual income! This is already way to much of the average income from ordinary household. So, once you focus on being affiliate agent in WildJungle Casino, you can have stable income forever. This is not the mission impossible. It's just matter of doing or not doing. We offer a lot of efficiency ways to help you grow and we can achive the target together. 24/7 support from our professional customer service no matter who you are.

We are the backup for you. Why wait! Become the Affiliate NOW! Join this big family and make fortune together!

Don't let the chance slipped away while you are still thinking. There are many people already start to become the affiliate while you are thinking to make the decision. Longer you think and the fortune is far away from you little by little.

All you need to do now, only 3 steps

  1. Sign up and become WildJungle affiliate
  2. Set up a blog or website
  3. Post the affiliate link from WildJungle

Start Today or you will regret!