General Questions

WidJungle Casino is the profitable online casino for affiliate
Has all kinds of demonstration and performance , and in order to obtain continuous gains , beginners orientation seminar organized only in WildJungle. Online Casino Affiliate Program , you can really let you get the benefits through the blog and website.
The customer service team is waiting for your join.

Where can I see my commission amount?
You can check all statistics of the registered member through the affiliate program 24 hours by login with the ID.
What information can we get from affiliate program?
You can get the data of registered members, clicks, download, real money, play for fun and the most important is the affiliate commission via the back-office of affiliate program. Increase the commission by Using these data within websites or blogs.

How can I calculate the number of the commission?
WildJungle's commission is paid by Webmaster. It will calculate 20% as commission reward from the net income of registered via your link. All systems and software are offered and produced by Playtech that are the most registered system of this industry. For more information please refer TERMS and CONDITIONS or mail to the customer service. WildJungle will offer different promotions for those most popular websites, please contact with customer service by using the same registered URL and mail.
When can I get the commission?
The commission of past few months will be paid by Neteller or remittance on every 15th to the affiliate account.
If the online gamin where I live it's illegal, can I participate affiliate program?
Yes, you can.
Which you send it's just an advertising, it does not mean that you engage in online gaming, so there is no problem. However the law will be changed due to anywhere, if you have a concern please find a domestic lawyer for consulting.
Do I meet to pay any money if there is no loss?
When there is negative balance in the report, we will not ask agent to absorb the negative balance. You don't need to worry to pay any penny from your own pocket. If your players winning are greater than lost, the difference will only deduct from your commission. For the long term, our affiliate program is risk free and high profitable business in the industry. To rest assured to join the program.
What happen if there is no variation of the date of back-office?
The date will update every hour, please check after few hours and the lasted update time will be showed on the top.
Why there is no variation of my commission amount even if my account did have real money account registered?
Under this circumstance, it means the player already register the real account, but he or she haven't start betting. We will suggest to observe for while. For long term, it's profitable.
I am the beginner as an affiliate agent, what's should I do for customer service?
Basically, customer service base on emails. However, we will provide newsletter and hold seminar to explain more details after you register.